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2021 Summer Time in Review

2021 Summer Time in Review

We thought it would be nice to take a moment or two to look back at how you guys have welcomed Liha into your daily lives. We feel humbled and encouraged as we continue to grow with you all by our side.

Our 2021 festivities for you all actually started in April with a “Free Give-A-Way”.

We had a ball giving away the Pineapple Handbag. This was the Handbag of the summer here at Liha. The fashionable Pineapple Handbag was made for the fashion lover with artsy, fun creative style.

We want to thank our collaborators for our first free give-a-way. Once again we want to thank the creative LaTisha from @nicoleelisedesign for a wonderful 1st collaboration for Liha.

Thank you to our spokes model the beautiful Laconia from @iflegzcouldkill.

And another congratulation to the Pineapple Handbag winner, Chaka Martinique of @chakamarinque.


Take a look at how these ladies incorporated the Pineapple Handbag into their own personal style.

pineapple handbag
Jumping for Joy with the Pineapple Handbag


Pineapple Handbag

pineapple handbag
Out on the Town with the Pineapple Handbag


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