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Welcome to Liha Stylez

Welcome to Liha Stylez

Hello, welcome to the Liha Stylez Blog.

My name is Sheila Black and I am the owner of Liha a fashion online and mobile boutique retailer. I designed Liha for the sensual, artsy, urban fashion lover who appreciates contemporary, vintage and handcrafted fashion accessories and clothing that elevates their personal style.

Liha has been in exitance since 2013 starting as a sidewalk vending operation selling hosiery in the heart of Harlem, NY about 50 feet from the world famous Apollo Theater on 125th Street. Since then Liha has expanded to a full fledge accessories and clothing boutique.

I created the Liha Stylez Blog to share all of my knowledge and experience building Liha into a successful business and brand. It is my hope that the Liha Stylez Blog will become a resource for those who have an interest in building their personal style and for those who have an interest of one day owning their own fashion business.

So, please join our mailing list. I promise, I will not overwhelm anyone with too many emails. I plan to send out a short, enthusiastic email blast once or twice a month.

I look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas, knowledge and information that will help us all to reach our goals and live a full-filled life.




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